The retailers of fine taste

Taste is an individual thing. What appeals to you may not appeal to others. Good taste however, is more universal. At Salt Solutions, we understand these differences, and have just the right ingredients to deliver the taste your customer wants.

Just a pinch

Just as any dish would be bland without seasoning any communication would be incomplete without ideas. And Salt provides those ideas.

Why ideas

In a world of parity products and services, ideas are what subliminally penetrate the consumer's mind, and stay there. Ideas are what make good communication great.

Why communication

To get your product to the market, you need a juxtaposition of words, visuals and finely created experiences. By their very nature, ideas have the power to reach out and get noticed. But the ideas must be well designed.

Why design

While being aesthetic, your communication needs to keep to the brand's personality. Every piece of communication must preserve the identity of the brand, and create a lasting bond between the consumer and the brand.

Our philosophy

Just as nothing can replace salt in any cooking ditto with brands and communication. The right sprinkling of insight in the right place and at the right time, can give an edge to your product or service.

Our experience

Salt Solutions is a kitchen of veteran advertising chefs who've experimented with tastes and consumer aesthetics for 30+ years. When it comes to delighting the consumer, we provide solutions that really work.

Our Clients

Barbeque Nation

Concast [India]

Elcom International

Essar [Aegis. AGC]

Hotel Ole Sereni [Nairobi]

Meru Cab Company


Rallis India

Vijayraj Developer

Udayraj Developers



Working with various verticals, day in - day out is challenging, but it keeps us young at heart. Here's some of the clients we've had, and are presently working with. And with every job, we're just getting better

Our Credits

We have a showcase of strategic and creative thinking and execution both Online and Offline. Every piece of work has a unique idea or some interesting story to tell.

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Whether it's print, out-door, POS,
multi-media campaigns, TVCs, Corporate events, websites, or social media, we have that crucial ingredient your brand needs… that tasteful pinch of a great idea.
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